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The project "Addresses" was started in Winter 2002 durng my staying in Rehovot, Israel.

I spent most of the time inside the rented flat where I lived, and walking through it every day I started to recognise that during your life, especially in a rented furnished flat which is full of someone's things even the empty spaces in it get their face reflecting your presence. The things started to transform into reflacting media and this process dies only when you leave.

I decided to paint very honestly and exactly every room of the flat in order to transform the images from my mind into the visible objects. I wanted to engrave the process of reflecting.

My family and I left the flat. The next flat has the same transformations. The second part of the project is coming soon.


Oil paintings on canvas 80 x 60 sm

The variation of the first part of the project was presented on the 6-th international Art Fair in Moscow (April 2002) in the Central House of Artists in the frames of the exhibition "Home Sweet Home&Apples and Pears", presented by the Valand School of Fine Art, Sweden and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow.


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